Musical Fidelity X-80


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I am thinking of purchasing a new stereo amplifier for stereo sound, to either plug a DVD/CD player straight into it or to use the pre-out from my AV receiver.

I like the look of the Musical Fidelity X-80 because it is small and could be hidden away under the little table my amp and DVD player sit on. I have also noticed the X-80 can be purchased for £300.

This looks like a potential bargain to me. Anyone heard this amp? Any opinions on it?


You don't buy audio equipment because it looks good. You have to like its sound and make sure it fits your speakers.
What speakers do you have?


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I couldn't care less what it looks like, since it would be sat out of site under the table :rolleyes: Perhaps I sould have been clearer. By "I like the look of" I meant I find the price and the specifications appealing - specifically the size, because it is half the width of a regular amplifier and would sit out of the way under the table easier, the minimal controls, and the fact that it has pre-outs so I could connect it to an active sub.

I have currently have Castle Compact satellites and sub but am considering upgrading the front speakers to Casle Column floor standers.


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I've got one of these and it's fabulous. Rock solid build and sounds lovely. With acoustic pieces it's very warm and creamy but can certainly be lively with the other halfs RnB music. Happy to answer any questions.


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I tried a NAD 352 and an Arcam Diva A65 as well as a Marantz PM7200. I think it's main's strengths are the fact that it never sounds bright or tiring. I can have it playing very loud for hours and it's always sound tight and well composed with a nice treble. It's also well made and has a quality feel to all the controls.


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that seems to be a thing with the current MF amps, they dont fatigue you, my GR10 speakers are quite bright, but my A5 amp smooths it all out just perfectly without robbing the liveliness of the performance :)


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Guess I'll have to demo the amp, but my Castle speakers are quite warm so maybe won't be best paired with the MF?


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that combination would depend on what music you listen to and what your ideal sound would be. some might say it would be a little slow but having heard some of the older castle speakers with mf gear I'd say it's a sound that's really full and solid.. just right for large scale orchestral pieces with lush strings :)


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where can u get these for £300 ? Or did you mean second-hand ?

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