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Morning All. I'm hoping to get a bit of advice. I'm thinking of purchasing a Musical Fidelity M2si integrated amplifier. This issue I have is, I like to use a powered sub-woofer but the M2si does not have a dedicated sub-woofer pre-out (LFE). The M2si does have Pre-out (L&R) for bi-amping etc.
Could I use 1 line of the Pre-out to get a signal to my Yamaha sub? If so, would it be the same signal as a dedicated Sub-woofer pre-out? My sub does not have any other input (speaker line level etc).

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, use both left and right pre-outs into the line level input of the subwoofer.


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You'd need to use both pre outs to a sub. If you only connect pne then you'd only be getting the audio associated with that channel portrayed via the sub. No, the signal being sent would not be the same as you'd have gotten via a dedicated sub pre out. THat signal is mono and would be the left and right channel mixed together by the amp if the amp had a didicated subwoofer pre out.

You'd need a sub with both a left and a right RCA input. Most subs include these. If looking at a new sub then also look at those that include a high level neutrik input. Such an input allows them to be used with amps that have no pre outs of any description and for them to share the front left and right speaker terminals with the passive speakers.

I'd probably suggest you look at getting a new sub if the one you have is lacking the filters and levels you'd need to configure it for use in a conventional stereo setup?
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most of the musical fidelity integrated have L&R pre outs. the folks above are right. i have used 3 musical fidelity integrated and utilised with a sub this way...


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I have a musical fidelity m2si and a demon receiver the advice above is correct regarding the pre out. If routing to a sub with 1 lfe input I used this adapter for my subwoofer to split the 2 channel pre-out into a single channel. However, my sub does have 2 mono inputs and the sub is tuned for stereo use so i am not sure how your mileage on your sub would be on this method.

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