Musical fidelity A1008 or A5.5


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I can get one of these for a pretty decend price but i have only heard the a5.5.

I can't find much about the a1008.

Does anyone know which is the better sounding amp?


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I have heard neither ! However I have a MF A3.2 and my previous amp was the MF A3. The MF brand delivers excellent quality from my experience with the two amps I've owned. Both amps you refer to are an upgrade from mine, I'd just go for the one with the most appealing spec for your requirement. If you like the MF house sound, you're unlikely to be disappointed with either.

Just my feelings, you understand.


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You are definitely right!

The A3.2 is also a superb amp!

Both will no doubt sound perfect for me.
I allready listened to the A5.5 with ma rx8 speakers and it sounded great.

The A1008 looks better on paper but i am clueless.. cant decide aaarghh..

phil t

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I seem to recall the A1008 was the next model from the A5. The A5.5 was/is an evolution of the A5, so the A1008 should be better than the A5.5. If you get the chance to listen, go for the better sounding one, and if you can’t split them, go for the cheaper option.



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OK guys thanks for the input!

I'v gone with the a1008 for €1595,-

I will get it the second week of Januari :D

Cant wait!!

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