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Hi all,

New here...

Current system is: AVR: Denon X4500H Fronts: PSB Imagine X2T Centre: PSB Imagine XC Surrounds: PSB Image XB Sub: SVS SB1000

I'm currently streaming music through Spotify Connect.
Future upgrades would be to:

1. Get better stereo music sound through the towers
2. Expand to Atmos surrounds

Looking at getting a good stereo integrated amp to power the X2T towers for a more musical sound. Specs for towers Imagine X2T – Tower - PSB Speakers

This is an option locally:

I'm aware that having HT bypass is handy when running amp with Denon. This limits the options of amps a bit. What are the main disadvantages of not having HT bypass?

Tips for a good stereo integrated would be appreciated. I would also perhaps look at getting better streaming quality by either waiting for Spotify HIFI or getting a dedicated streamer/DAC (Bluesounds node ect). Also like option of adding tube DACs ect later on to play around with tone.

Any ideas suggestions welcome, quite new to this game.
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The obvious way to upgrade the sound would be to upgrade the basic quality of your streaming service as that where the quality starts and without addressing that, you will always be compromising the sound

Many people enjoy the sound you get from the BlueSound Node electronics which will open up many other streaming options to allowing you to try any of the available free trials to see which one you find easiest to use

As for the HT-Bypass, this will bolster the opposite end enabling you to make use of the better quality source and material. Audiolab are a good stereo partner with Denon as many people do use them in your configuration

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