Anybody got anything good to say about these guys ? I ordered a CD a couple of weeks ago, was charged and then nothing. Website was down for 3 days, now it won't recognise my logon details, they don't answer telephone calls or e-mails, in summary it's not looking good !

In my experience avoid :thumbsdow

Greg Hook

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Looks to me like they had some major website problems.

Have a little patience and give them a chance to get back to normal.



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My experiences with Musica have been hit and miss. I once ordered a CD and after 8 weeks it had still not shipped, but you do have the option to cancel on the website (or at least, you did), which is easier than relying on e-mails getting answered. I have had some successful deliveries from them, and I would give them full marks for packaging.

ashley duggan

Yes I too have had probs - ordered a CD from them early December and still not received it and have sent 2 emails both of which have been ignored!!!! hmmmm not a happy shopper at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After sending a futher e-mail with an attention grabbing subject header (mentioning the police or trading standards sometimes helps) Musica sent me this....


Thanks for your e-mail - I'm really sorry but an attack launched by hackers
took our website down and we have had to delete a number of order details
from our server because the order data became corrupted and this has,
unfortunately effected your order xxxxxxx.

We have now brought the website back online and most site functionality is
now back to normal. Unfortunately, however, although the attack did not
result in any of our data being read or transmitted outside our network we
have decided not to try to restore data from corrupted files in case these
files contain further infections.

Sadly, this means that we have effectively lost some customer data and the
details of some orders which were in the course of processing and this has
led to our failure to process and despatch your order. We are tremendously
sorry both for the underlying error and our poor communication. We have been
working full tilt to remedy this structurally - and continue to make system
improvements to make such incidents impossible in the future.

However we also need to remedy your specific order situation and to do this
we must ask you whether you would be prepared to create a new musica account
on the website so that we can reprocess your missing order against this new
account. If you are happy to do this then if you could e-mail us again at
[email protected] to let us know we will then process this re-order right

I am sorry to have to ask you to help us to remedy this situation, but hope
that you will not find the process of setting up a new account too annoying.

We are back on course to sorting this horrifying episode out. We are sadly
aware that this whole saga can only have upset and annoyed many of our
customers for which we are truly sorry.

James Henderson
musica helpdesk
1 Brookvale | La Rue de la Chouquetterie | St Martin | JERSEY | JE3 6EL


Of course Musica did'nt send me this e-mail until prompted so I don't know how they expected me to know I needed to set-up my account again.

I'll let you know if I actually get my goods.


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Originally posted by somebugger
the attack did not result in any of our data being read or transmitted outside our network

Yeah right! If they were dumb enough to get hacked, how are we supposed to believe they know if any data was stolen? :nono:

£10 says they had a Microsoft Win2000 server running SQL & left IIS running unprotected. :rotfl:


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This sort of thing always worries me. If they couldn't contact affected customers, why couldn't they have made an announcement on the website? Maybe not in so much detail, but they could have at least stated there had been problems, and asked anyone with concerns to contact them. Also, as Nobber22 said, how certain can they be that customers details have not been compromised? If I am correct, they store credit card details on their server, so I would certainly be checking my card statement very carefully, or possibly even ordering a new card. Also if they have lost details of orders, how will they know which orders have been paid?

I had an e-mail from another online retailer recently, saying that my card details had not been processed correctly for my order, and could I send my card details again? Yeah, right. Like I'm going to send card details by e-mail. You gotta be kidding! :rolleyes:


response from jersey trading standards..............

Thank you for your e-mail. are a Jersey company and we are aware that they have had
problems with their website recently and are following the situation.
I had e-mails last week and again this weekend from my contacts there to let
me know that whilst restoring data after the original attack on their
website, "we unleashed one of the viruses the hackers had infected our
system with."
I have now been advised that they have effected a changeover in their mail
server and that customers should send queries to [email protected] where
James Henderson is dealing with them.
Can you do this and, in the event that you don't get a satisfactory
response, get back to me and I will take it up on your behalf.
Please note that I don't know how many outstanding orders Musica have to
work through, but if you have run out of patience, you do have the option of
contacting your credit card company and requesting a refund via chargeback.
Yours sincerely
Alan Treanor
Consumer Advisory Officer Tel 01534 722112


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I'm having the same problems getting any response from Musica. I was charged twice for some specially ordered CD's, once when I ordered and again 2 months later when they actually shipped. I suppose I at least have them in my hands even though the order no longer appears in my history on their site.

somebugger: that email you received from musica looks familiar I got one just the same on the 18th Jan. Obviously some blanket autoresponse they have set up.

Can you do a charge back when they've been paid by switch?


Active Member have to date provided the worst service of any retailer I have ever dealt with.

I placed an order back on 12th March. Estimated shipping date was at least a week, which is fine as the CD was a rare title. It took longer than expected and sent several stock availability queries but never received a reply. I later cancelled the order in May and didn't receive the refund in expected time so sent an email - no reply. I only received an email reply (from James Henderson) after I sent a fax to them! James agreed to process the refund but nothing had obviously happened as I still had a £11.45 credit on my musica account. After querying this, James replied back stating that the refund was processed on 2nd June. Almost 3 weeks later the money has still not reached my bank account! I have sent a couple of emails and a fax but still no reply!


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Get in touch with your bank/card company and ask them for a refund. I kept trying to get musica to do something about my overcharge and they never did. Unfortunately my delay meant that I went over the time limit for charge backs on switch cards (100 Days BTW) and didn't get anything.

I agree they are the worst company I have had the misfortune to deal with and I won't be using them again.


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Unfortunately, I bought the CD with a switch card - so have no cover there.
Have spoken to my bank who say that nothing can be done.

However, musica have just sent me an email saying they will refund me and send me an email when the payment has been processed.

Let's see what happens.


Im in Jersey today do you want me to pay a visit with my friend baseball bat? ;)


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You know that sounds like a great idea, but on second thought, they have now replied and should be refunding me.

However if this doesn't go through then you can bomb them into the sea! :laugh:


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Well, musica have finally refunded me! What a relief!

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