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Discussion in 'Music & Music Streaming Services' started by drunkenmaster, Jan 21, 2008.

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    It seems that many of the posters on these forums are more inclined to rock., metal, indie and the similar stuff and maybe inclining to the 'older stuff ahem....
    Now this is not about which type of music genre you like to hear, but if you like putting on your best gear, maybe leather or white socks, and think you are a modern Gene Kelly (yes I am showing my age), and strutting your funky/rocking/swaying stuff. then go on .
    If you really want you can even tell us bout your boddy poppin moves. Or shaking your head to some trash metal

    Now I am partial to all types of music and back in the days used to love all the jazz funk stuff from the 80's including bits of electro and hip hop,
    Chaka Khan, Afrika bambaata, Shalamar, George Clinton and of course Mowtown got me going
    But now my zimmer frame will not allow me to body pop beacuse my disc may do the poppin on its own:D

    BTW how do you dance to the indie stuff? Or do you mope in the corner with your head tilted!!
    ( reading this makes me look quite sad-aah what the heck!!)

    here goes...

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