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Nov 6, 2003
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You've all been there....................... those teen years, the music playing in the background, beer everywhere, and all forgotten whilst playing tonsil hockey!!! But, never to be truly forgotten as it always seemed to be the same tunes each time you, were, erm, gettin' you're rocks off!! ;)

For me hawkwind always semed to be a fave as the parties had mellowed by that time, a few *ahem* dodgy fags had been smoked, and well, the chick's were loosening up nicely!!! :D

On the deck were: Hall of the Mountain grill or Warrier, Led Zep IV, or III, or maybe a little Free or Traffic.

Hell, that's showing my age!! :D Happy days though!

Any other takers...............
Well for me it was mainly lisenting to early house tunes. Always tried my best to match the bpm:laugh:
Climbing up the walls - Radiohead :)
Duran Duran - Come Undone
Brian Adams - Heaven
INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

Jeez, looking back it was really cheesy to put on a slow-dance song and then try to get-off with a bird!

Loads of fun and it sometimes worked too! :clap:
Let's face it: DSOTM was made to **** to. Classic lovin' record.

I'd love to give it a go against "The Grudge" by Tool :D
Relax? by FGTHW "Don't worry dear it won't hurt a bit" :eek:
to put on a slow-dance song
Nah!! By that stage we were all too p*ss*d, or erm, "rocked" :D to be 'dancing'. Next stop was..................

"boing" said zebadee, "time for bed"!!! ;)

Oh, very good keany, - BPM!! You wish..............:cool:
adventures of the ultraworld (or whatever is called!) by the Orb...class!
Stereophonics are quite popular with today's 'Youth' for this...

Of course, Minnie Riperton's 'Inside My Love' is more than appropriate...

Some of Alliyah's offerings.
"Get you in my tent" by the Bonzo Dog DooDah Band could work if you worked on a campsite...
Three minute hero - by The Selecter ;) :D

No, but seriously, mostly Stranglers tracks for me.
indeed - "Bring on the nubiles" was good too
'fudge Her Gently' by Tenacious D....

....not too subtle really.....:smoke:
"Smack My Bitch Up" - Prodigy

"Swallowed" - Bush

"My Elastic Eye" - Chemical Brothers :p

"Ain't It Hard?" - Sharon Jones

"Breaking The Girl" - RHCP

"Get On Top" - RHCP

"One Hot Minute" - RHCP

"Naked In The Rain" - RHCP

"Stone Cold Bush" - RHCP

"Give It Away" - RHCP


Originally posted by eviljohn2
All time favourite track is surely the final bonus track from Blink 182's "Take Off Your Pants & Jacket" ;)

lol. That's right, kids.
Mufu - you missed out 'Purple Stain' by RHCP

...this thread got pretty tasteless pretty fast!
I did consider it, but decided it was too disgusting (even for this thread). :D

There's also "My Lovely Man" (Hello Sailor!) and "I Like Dirt", hehe.

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