Music through AVR or get separate streamer or integrated amp?

I have an NAD T758 v3i that I use for my AVR and also for streaming HiFi Tidal music with the BluOS dongle. Would there be any audio quality benefit to getting a streamer (like the Cambridge CXN V2) or an integrated amp + streamer (like the NAD C 368 BluOS-2i) for listening to music? I know this might be tough to answer, but would devices like these make no difference, a minor difference, or significant difference? Thank you for any ideas or suggestions you can offer.


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It's well known that AVRs compromise two channel music sound quality. Even decent quality ones and my Yamaha RX-A3010 Aventage was £2K when it came out in 2011. I hadn't realised how much until I bought a Naim stereo amplifier for stereo music. The difference is profound!

An integrated amp plus the BlueSound Node 2i would give you a very good improvement in sound quality. Dependent on your speakers of course which you haven't mentioned but presumably of reasonable sound quality.

I took this path 6 months ago and never regretted it. If your AVR has pre-outs you can connect a suitable amp with HT Bypass and use the integrated amp for the two front channels for movies. The AVR will power the centre and rear channels.
Thank you so much for your reply, RayP. I picked up a Cambridge Azur 851A for the fronts and the improvement in audio quality is significant for sure.

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