Music that does funny things to your speakers!

Tyler Durden

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Okay, a bit of a weird one here.

Does anyone have a copy of "Fountains Of Wayne" - "Radiation Vibe" single?

If you do, play track 2 called "Karpet King" with your speaker covers off and watch those woofers dance!

This works even at low levels, and I have no idea why!

Does anyone else have a similar thing to share?


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aye, vlf's need greater driver excursion to be should see 18in drivers trying to do 8hz freqs....heh....

some of The Prodigys stuff does that...i think one of the remixes of Poison will make driers wobble in and out in a rather scary way without you actually being able to hear a lot....heh

The Dude

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Four Tet - Rounds :smashin:


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I thought it was something to do with 'transient' (sp??) bass. Like a truck drives passed and it gets recorded into the song? You get it a lot on old vinyl, but it tends to get mastered out of CD.

The Dude

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I think it's more a case of 'visual' bass.. :)

There's a track on Rounds that has a perfect, inaudible bass beat.... throughout the whole track your drivers are dancing to a different beat to the one they are actually producing..... it's quite impressive :)

Hot Chip - Tchaiparan is also a good track for demoing speakers, even if just for novelty value. :D

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