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Justin Puddle

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I have recently signed up to Amazon music unlimited and want a way to listen to it through my home system. Have tried hooking up my smartphone directly to my AV, using a 3.5 jack to phono lead but the sound quality is very poor. Have considered buying a dedicated music streamer and hardwiring it to my router, to give my the best sound quality possible but I can't seem to find one thay supports Amazon music.
Any advice, would be hugely appreciated.


You need to find devices that support Amazon Alexa Cast. Somewhat limited compared to using something like Spotify and Chromecast/Airplay


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If your AV has no streaming support then also consider adding a network streaming solution to your setup. This will allow playback from your mobile phones and add streaming services. Take a look at the Onkyo NS6130.


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A few other places you can play Amazon Music include Roku, Sonos, Polk Omni, Bose, HEOS, Definitive Technology, and PlayFi.


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You could use an echo input. Which is basically an echo dot without a speaker so you get the functionality without Alexa voice. Plug it into your AV receiver with 3.5 Audio plug. And tell it what you want to listen to. Simples.

Fred Smith

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Chromecast Audio supports Amazon Music. Suggest you get one while you can.


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How many of these - ££££££££££££££- do you have to spend?

That is going to make a big difference.

Also, doesn't your AV Receiver had Network Streaming built in. Most of the newer ones do.

While the supply lasts, the Google ChromeCast-Audio at about £30 is a good low cost choice, but they stopped production, so those available are existing inventory.

They Yamaha WXAD-10 Network Streamer at about £125 is a worthy consideration -

Yamaha Wireless Streaming Adapter WXAD-10

If you have more money, consider the Yamaha WXC-50 Network Streamer/Pre-Amp - £250 -

Yamaha MusicCast WXC50 Networked Pre Amplifier - Superfi

Just a few thoughts.



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A vote here for sonos. The connect has both digital and analogue output so should be compatible with your amp. You can run your amazon unlimited subscription (or just prime), and access all the digital music you have stored elsewhere. It can be hardwired to your router as you wish.

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