Music streamer with webpage/ipad/iphone control?


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I've currently got a TurtleBeach Audiotron streamer which has been a fantastic piece of kit and always did EXACTLY what I needed from a streamer, but having recently changed all my home machines to windows 7 it appears in doing so I have inadvertently stopped myself from being able to continue using it.

I want to use it with my NAS box (buffalo linkstation) but try as I might with the network/sharing/file access setup I just cannot make it play the files any more and am ready to file it under "Try making this work again one day when really really bored".

So I need a new music streamer that can have web control (ie can control it fully from a webpage via my laptop or ipad), and/or an iphone/ipad app to control it. No built in speakers or amp needed, preferably with a display of some sort but doable without if it's otherwise good.

That's more or less it, but for some reason I seem to be not finding a lot of useful results when I try googling this.

I don't want something that I have to use the telly to see what I'm choosing, as I already have things like that (ie no display on the machine and no web/app control) such as my western digital live streamer. Fine for movies but for music it's too much messing about for music!

So would be grateful of suggestions. If Sonos did a cheap receiver unit (ie no amp/speakers built in and maybe £100 say) then I'd snap one up along with a sonos bridge, but I have no need for extra amps/speakers, and can't afford to pay £200-300 just for the actual receiver/streamer device (Zone player?) to plug into my hifi. But they don't to my knowledge.



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You know you can use the WDTV Live a DLNA renderer so the app can push the music to the Live and play it that way. Install a DLNA client of the iPad/iPhone (Plugplayer or Media Link Player) and you should be able to play music to the WDTV Live.

It's pretty basic but might be good enough.


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Got iTunes? Then get an Airport Express. Ok, so it can't be controlled from a webpage on a computer/laptop, but it can be controlled from iTunes on a computer/laptop. And also from any iOS device (iPod/Pad/Phone). No display, but there's no need for it; iTunes on a computer or the Remote app on an iThing is the display


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I use the Squeezebox Receiver (i.e. without the Controller as that adds a lot to the costs).

The Receiver on its own costs approx £96 (try Dabs)

To control the Receiver I use the excellent iPod App iPeng iPeng, the Ultimate Squeezebox iPhone Remote
This does exactly what you want.

Initial setup of the Receiver without the Controller is a bit more tricky, but I used netUDAP Net-UDAP
This is a one-off setup.

I installed Logitech Media Server (was Squeezebox Server) on my PC, but there are versions that install on a NAS).

Hope this helps

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