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Hi all.

I've been reading some of the posts on here and elsewhere but I seem to be disappearing down a bit of a rabbit hole. Essentially at present I run some of the legacy Sonos equipment and I'm now considering moving away from them as a brand. My main area of research / head scratching is finding an effective way of getting my FLAC music from my NAS drive via wifi (good strong signal) to my main hifi setup. Also streaming music from amazon, and maybe a few other sites including radio (tunein on the sonos). The hifi consists of:

Roksan Kandy K3 DAC
Roksan Kandy K2 amp
Dali royal tower speakers.

Whatever streamer I get will be used with optical cable to my DAC with the intention of replacing my multi room system in the future when funds allow. I've been looking at the following with budget £650:

Bluesound Node 2i (and obviously the multi room system) - This seems to be a go to fav for some folk, easy to set up and use. Access to stream hi-res music.
Audio pro - Seems to have better rating for sound quality of the speakers but I've no idea how the "Link 1" performs and its impact on SQ to the hifi. Also the app seems to be clunky. No hi-res.

Then theres the more stand alone units. Having read a little about it it seems DTS play-fi is a more open source system to allow you mix and match components. So basically the streamer doesn't have to be the same brand as the multi room speakers. Again there seems to be conflicting reviews on the play-fi app.

Cambridge audio CXN v2 - Gets a good write up and comes with a screen, useful? Can't remember if this is DTS or not

Audiolab 6000N - Considerably cheaper than the cambridge but does that reflect in the SQ? DTS compatible.

Arcam Rplay - Simple box, cheapest of the lot, DTS compatible.

The issue with the above 3 is then finding a compatible multi room speaker system.

Apologies for the loooong post but some assistance / guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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You should add Yamaha MusicCast to your list.
The WXC-50 ticks the streaming box requirements and their multi room speakers are not bad. However, where you want better multi room sound their range of options (WXA-50, MCR-N470, R-N803D and surround receivers) allow the use of any speakers.

Teufel is also an option, but I see they seem to have dropped the UK as a shipping destination, which I assume is due to Brexit.

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