Music source for new year's eve party


I have a NAS box and streamer but to be honest my music tastes are limited (very little current music) and I'm quite stuck in my ways - I don't listen to radio or subscribe to any streaming services.

I'm hosting a new year's eve party but I want to offer people more music. What a friend of mine does is fire up YouTube and let each person pick a song. It's limited though as there's no queuing system.

What I have available is:

  • Logitech Duet connected to my NAS box that streams to my amp
  • Laptop with wireless audio streaming device to the amp
  • Can connect laptop to TV via AV receiver (new plasma though so don't want any static images)
  • CD player and amp that people can connect their MP3 player to or bring CDs

Would Spotify paid option give me what I want? I don't want to be tied into any long-term service though as I'm unlikely to use it again after this.


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Just bear in mind the certainty that fancy NAS\streamers always hiccup at parties as users can't stop themselves wrecking playlists using the Controller.
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Why don't you sign upto free month trial of Spotify premium? Then cancel before first payment comes out. I'm just trialling it now with my new Sonos. Seems quite good.. There are a few major bands missing but then I have most of the stuff of theirs that I want anyway. I've listened to loads of new music recently with the radio stations and various playlists you can find on the interweb


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Another vote for Spotify. I did exactly what you want to do at a wedding recently. I picked different people whose musical tastes I trusted, showed them how to search on Spotify and let them go. It worked brilliantly and I didn't get stuck with the job.

I have some spare invites to Spotify if you would like one - just pm your e-mail address and I will send one over.


Thanks for the replies. :thumbsup:

However, I'm not seeing any free trial offer for Spotify Premium on the site (either logged in or logged out)?

If I do sign up for an account (no trial) am I tied in for any minimum term? Or do I just end it when I choose to?
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I just googled 'free Spotify premium trial' and it pointed me in right direction. I don't think there is a minimum term, just cancel when you're done.

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