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Music server software which syncs with ipod?


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I've got a NAS running Linux and 4 different devices each with different music libraries on them (1 PC, 1 laptop, 1 ipod & 1 Android phone).

I'd like to pull everything together into 1 source on the NAS. The PC and Laptop could pull direct from the NAS, but where I'm a little stuck is the Android and Ipod. The android isn't too bad, a bit of a faff, but possible, the ipod I've not got a clue about though.

Preferably I'd be able to plug it into the PC or Laptop and have it sync to the music server via them. Is this possible?

If anyone has a similar setup I'd appreciate knowing how you solved it!


Note:Apologies, but this was originally posted in the Music forum, but I see now this is a slightly better home for it!


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>Preferably I'd be able to plug it into the PC or Laptop and have it sync to the music server via them. Is this possible?<

So, you can just install iTunes on the PC then add directories of music files from the network share offered by the NAS. Configure iTunes not to organise the library or copy it. Then sync your iPod.
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So simple...

I'd rather ignored itunes as it seems to want to dominate things on a PC a bit too much for my liking. The laptop's already got it on it, but with the music on the laptop's HD. Will have a shufti at it and find the settings mentioned.



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you don't mention your Android solution but I've found that iSyncR (from android market) works very well with iTunes. add on the Wi-fi option and you can sync your Android phone direct with iTunes over Wi-Fi.

It even syncs podcasts and updates your playcounts in iTunes :smashin:


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The iPod, unless you've been using third-party software on it already, will merely have a duplicate of your iTunes library.

Therefore, as prev poster says, you don't need to include the iPod itself in the system, just the iTunes library.

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