Music server software which syncs with ipod?


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I think I may be after something that doesn't exist, but I live in hope...

I've got a NAS running Linux and 4 different devices each with different music libraries on them (1 PC, 1 laptop, 1 ipod & 1 Android phone).

I'd like to pull everything together into 1 source on the NAS. The PC and Laptop could pull direct from the NAS, but where I'm a little stuck is the Android and Ipod. The android isn't too bad, a bit of a faff, but possible, the ipod I've not got a clue about though.

Preferably I'd be able to plug it into the PC or Laptop and have it sync to the music server via them. Is this possible?

If anyone has a similar setup I'd appreciate knowing how you solved it!



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"Preferably I'd be able to plug it into the PC or Laptop and have it sync to the music server via them. Is this possible?"

Not really sure whether Ive understood the question properly....but I'll have a go... If you set your itunes up on your pc to point to your nas then itunes will do that automatically if you have the auto sync option on.

What ipod do you have? If you have a touch and wireless network you can use the remote app to stream from itunes on your PC (with as you said your PC itunes pointing to your nas).

I have about 160gb's of music so no way I want to store that on all my devices (and couldn't if I wanted).

So my set-up is...Music on NAS. Itunes on PC & Laptop points to the itunes library on the NAS (preferences...advanced...itunes media folder location). Only problem with that is if I took my laptop out of the house I need a 3g connection to get to my music. (doesn't bother me as when I'm out and about I use my iphone).

You can obviously set itunes to sync up your ipod when it's connected to itunes. Again, I couldn't do that as there isn't an ipod out there big enough to store it all so I only select my favs.


^ so are you saying i can have my music on one pc, and itunes on both. and be able to synch my ipod or iphone from either computer, as long as the pc with the music files is turned on? but synching would presumably be slower as it's dragged over the network first?


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Sorry if I was misleading :oops: ...I replied when my daughter was in hospital and my mind was somewhere else!

I wasn't suggesting setting up so you can sync your ipod/iphone from both...that sounds a bit scary and I'd expect problems. I was really just referring to playing music...and I don't think there is a way to have both machines set-up so you can add music to both and it automatically syncs to both libraries. Mainly as each machine stores a xml file in the itunes folder on the machine which contains a list of the library content. So if you were to add to one machine it would add it to that xml and not the other. You can see this if you look in the /Users/{yourname}/Music/iTunes/itunes music library.xml file.

But don't really see the reason why you'd want to do that...just complicates things unnecessarily.

You can share using the "Share my library on the local network" option. So choose one machine to be the master. Load new albums onto the master. You see the "home share"on the laptop appearing like a iphone device.

In addition to that you can have your music on your nas so it frees up space on your machines and you don't have to keep your pc on...also means its available to anything else you want to stream music (my ps3, 360, Arcam avr600 amp for example). If you want to stream to an air express you need your pc or laptop on as that goes via itunes. There is a small amount of lag when starting itunes and importing etc but it's not frustratingly slow. I'm happy to put up with a fraction of a second delay for the safety of a mirrored nas and sharing my music on every device....theres no lag while playing.

If you're interested in moving you need to follow these instructions. I'd strongly recommend backing up first incase it goes wrong.

iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder

I hope that's clear and helpful...still a little dazed after being in hospital until 4am and up again at 7am...but daughter back home now..hooorayy! :D

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