music quality on denon 1720 and 1920


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Ok, i never really got a straight answer on the PQ on bothe these dvd players but my next question is- has anyone directly compared the two players for audio quality, both in dvd's and for listening to cd's??

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Quote from a US customer review:

Where the Denon 1920 really shines is its audio. It blows away anything in its category and that includes audio over the optical out and the 5.1 analog outputs.

A few of the areas the Sony 975 compares better is with its 40-disc auto-resume feature, finer audio & distance adjustments and playback of Super VCDs (a popular Asian format) the latter, which the Denon doesn't play at all. The Sony's SACD playback is extremely well done and quite comparable with the Denon.

If you are interested in getting a Universal to get you by till HD-DVD & Blu-ray take over this one should get you by just fine. Don't let its higher price scare you away. Its worth it.

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