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Ello all

Have a little problem with my music system . When i set it up i was on a budget so brought a second hand technics amp and some ceiling speakers n wired them up to my main desktop computer ( which is in loft ) i then control my music with itunes remote by leaving comp on in the loft .
This is not a very good system as when i get a pop up it over rides itunes n i have to go into loft to get rid of it . ( pain in a##e ) and comp shuts down after about a week n dont no pasword to change settings
Is there a way to put music on external hard drive then run it in same kind of way minus the computer ? Would a media centre do it ? As u can properly tell im well out my depth n dont understand any kind of tech . Also dont want to spend a fortune .

Any suggestions welcome



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You could look for a second-hand Sonos ZP100 or ZP120 (a new ZP120 would be £399) to replace your existing Amp and allow easy control of music which would be best stored on a NAS. It also gives you the option of internet based radio or music streaming services too, and can be easily added to if you require more rooms/zone at a later stage.

As long as your music library is not based on Apple DRM-protected paid-for tracks (which will only play on Apple systems) then you will be fine.

Use the free Sonos App for control and you are good to go.

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