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Hello all,

Firstly I must apologise for yet another thread on the dav 550 but it's still in it's box because I am moving next friday and so haven't had the chance to set it all up. So the only way to enjoy my system is by posting on here ;)

I have read allsorts of literature and I am satisfied that for movies the dav is fine, but for music not so convinced. Is the quality fine for the majority of listeners or is it noticeable bad? Would you say it is worse than the sound out of an all in one hi-fi system that is about 3 years old?

I know that seperates are better but for the extra outlay involved are they worth it? I have said that if I am unsatisfied with the music out of the dav then I shall invest in hi fi seperates with a couple of floorstanders. However this would cost at least £300 and would the increase in quality justify the extra expense?

The music on my dads dav 500 seems to be a little bassy and reducing the sub doesn't seem to help. Will this be the same on the 550?

Thanks for your help,

James :)


I think its perfect for music and i use it more for sound than picture (i.e. than watching DVD's.) Ill go through it all:

Firstly i like to have mine set on 'normal surround' as the sound field to use pro logic to for stereo channel music. The Cinema EX 1 2 3 tend to be squeky so give them a miss.

As for bass, i had an opposite approach to you, i was scared that there wouldn't be enough. Fortunatly there is becuase i like a lot. At volumes of around 20 with the sub turned up to +6db on the amp menu it packs a punch (a big punch)

If you turn it down to 0 its pretty standard and -6db then it pracically doesn't do anything. (Seriously) and it sounds terrible. Sometimes i turn it down to +2 +3 to be kind to the neighbours but don't worry about too much bass, you can certainly knock it all off!

If you are wanting even more bass at higher volumes pop it on 2 channel stereo mode and the sub gives an even bigger kick!

I seriously love mine for music and don't use a hi fi any more! (although i do have a problem with one of my rear speakers playing a paticular track at higher volumes, i have posted it in another thread started by myself but that shoudn't affect you)


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hi gents, am i right in saying 550 is same as davsc5 internally? if so, my sc5 is better than i ever imagined for sound, yep, something better will allways beat it. but for simplicity in the living room i can't fault it. have now got my aiwa pro logic hi-fi connected to computer upstairs, great! sc5 is maybe not quite as loud but sound is crystal! no hiss whatsoever. got a free sacd with mine (police) i wasn't really a fan, but now t's never off. before i took the plunge it really bothered me as i wanted telly (built in digital) and dvd and thats was it, minimalist! I now play more music on it than watch telly, no regrets

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