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Anyone have problems with iTunes playback?
Over the past few months I've noticed most of my audio is distorting no matter where the level is set.
Sound check and enhancer are off.
At first I thought it was the Mac Mini but then dragging the audio out of itunes and looking at the waveforms and playing back with Sound Studio or Audacity its all fine
so it looks like the software is doing something?
Specs are
2012 Mac Mini
OS 10.15.7
and its the same whether its via HDMI or Optical
All audio is uncompressed
I've added 2 files, first is via iTunes in 2 volumes and you can hear the distortion on both, the second is the same file played back by Sound Studio


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Although my machine is a MacBook Pro I have exactly the same software versions for both MacOS and Music.
I'll rip a track from a CD and give it a try myself, what lossless format do you use?

In the meantime I did have a quick look in the music apps settings (I'm relatively new to using a Mac as my PC, I normally play back my mainly FLAC music library using a software squeezebox player from my NAS and Logitech Media Server) have you by any chance got the "sound enhancer" enabled on the playback tab of Musics preferences.


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all enhancements are off and I dont do lossless, just full fat🤣
and to show how daft I am, I control the Mac mini remotely with my Macbook pro and didn’t think about that way 😳
will also try it tomorrow via hdmi and with my rme fire face


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Awesome. I'd just been listening to some tunes using the Apple app but hadn't been able to duplicate. Glad you're sorted.

Small point of order though, both FLAC and ALAC are lossless, I presume by full fat you mean uncompressed audio like WAV or AIFF. They're all lossless formats.


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yeah, uncompressed, apart from iTunes downloads, storage is so cheap it seemed not worth any other way, just looking I have around 12,000 songs and I've not broken 600GB yet.


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I've downloaded some local files into my iTunes and synced them to my phone. On iTunes on my Mac they both have the same Artist tag "Bruce Springsteen" yet on my Apple Music app on my iPhone, there are two "Bruce Springsteens" under Artists names instead of one. Anyone know how to fix this?


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On your Mac I would look at the Song info and check the 'artist' and 'album artist' then under the sorting tab check the fields for the artist as well.


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Yes all the fields under the song info were correct. I changed all the fields from their normal values to "Springsteen", and then changed it back again to their normal values. Did a resync and that seemed to have fixed it.

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