Music in Battlefield Vietnam


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Hey all,

Just had an awsome session on BFV this evening and really enjoyed the tunes .. I've found them (I think) and they are all .bik files - any chance of converting these into an mp3 file as Id love to make an album of them ?


Matt Horne

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I was wondering and searching for an album with all those tunes.. love the game as well :)


General Panic

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Any solution to this yet? Played for 5 hours non-stop yesterday and the music leading into the map really add's to the atmosphere.
Could always buy the Forrest Gump soundtrack i suppose and play that in the back ground.

General Panic


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You could convert them to wav and then use some other tool for wav->mp3 conversion. For converting .bik files to wav, use Rad Video Tools, download from

Which files did you find in BFV? BFV\Mods\BfVietnam\Music? Beacuse I don't think those are radio music files, but intro music which plays when particular stages are loading (missing that wagner "walkyre" music from Apocalypse, when they do chopper raid :D ). I couldn't find radio files...:(


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