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Music File Sorting


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Hi, im wondering if anyone knows of any free software that could help me out :), i currently have all my mp3 sorted in folders my album name and artist and a big load of songs ive downloaded invidually over time called "singles" want im looking to do is get a bit of software that will go though my "Singles" and put them in folder in the name of the artist for example all my oasis songs in the singles file would be put in a oasis folder if that makes sence?

Thanks Tom :)


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I use IdealSorter.

I have thousands of songs over a 1TB RAID array, and this works just fine.
(not to heavy on system resources either)


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If your tags are sorted (the inbedded tags for album & artist) then thats easily doable without software - in the SINGLES folder, open it up, right click inside the window and select ARANGE BY > ARTIST and and tick SHOW IN GROUPS. There you go, all your songs listed by artist grouped together. I personally live with it that way, thou you could then create folders for each artist and move the files into these folders.

I have folders for artists, inside the artist folder are folders for albums, and each album is in each folder. I also then have a whole load of individual tracks that might not corrolate to an album, but I might already have an artist folder. I didn't bother putting these in the artists folder's, I just used the ARRANGE BY ARTIST view in the My Music window and it's easy to find stuff :)

But then, I don't use Windows folders to locate and play music - I use the library function of WMP for it. I didn't for ages, then started getting into it and find it much easier :)


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(ahem) kind of

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