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Mar 25, 2002
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Could anyone tell me if there is a 'dvd music' forum . I've just bought Fleetwood Mac - Dance ( in 5.1 ) and its superb, also - Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells 11 & 111 double sided , 2 concert disc for £12.99 also in 5.1 and it blows your socks off .:D

Originally posted by jonna
Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells 11 & 111 double sided , 2 concert disc for £12.99 also in 5.1 and it blows your socks off .:D


The CD used to do that for me years ago but over listening killed it.
jonna - I take it you mean a DVD Music Forum other than the Music Forum here ? Most forums that I visit deal with DVD music in the same way - either in the DVD Forum or the Music Forum (?) which confuses the hell out of me (!)
Anyway I'm glad you liked F/Mac & Tubby Bells but if your really want the pinnacle of sound (IMO of course) get Hell Freezes Over by The Eagles (you need to be DTS compatible if that's an issue) still the best sound I've heard (apart from DVD-A)
Without knowing your tastes I would also recommend Yes Symphonic (new one DTS & fabulous) & The Corrs Unplugged DD5.1 with magical sound (& vision - if you like attractive Irish types!)
Cheers - Paul ;)
Try Oribital's the altogether, the was designed to be in 5.1 and has DTS and Dolby Digital.

Other good Music DVD's inculde Kylie live in Sydney, Robbie Williams live at the Albert Hall
Yes,I got the Tubular bells 2 and 3 for a mere £8.99!!!!!.Tub 3 is the best concert even though I wasn't there but I was at the 2 concert.It was ok but is a bit too formal compared to 3.:)

Where did you get your copy of above??

I recently got a copy from ezydvd, it played for about two mins like the talky bit at the front and then died. I am obviously going to send it back but just in case I have anymore trouble would appreciate a heads up.


7ThGuest :)
Thanks Amarok

My DVD may be worst than expected :eek: I got an interview straight off with no option to select anything else!!


7ThGuest :)
This DVD is DTS & PCM Stereo only (no DD5.1)
When you insert the DVD you should get a menu asking if you want DTS or PCM Stereo
If you select DTS and your system is not DTS capable after the initial "talkie bit" (which would only be strereo) you would get no sound - as you describe
Try again and select stereo to see if you get sound from the concert
If yes then you are either not DTS capable or you have a duff disc
HTH - Paul ;)
BTW There is another good Mike Oldfield Concert DVD "Live in Berlin" or "Millenium Bell" it is refered to I believe ...
Thanks paulboy

Will give it a go this morning, fingers crossed.

7ThGuest :)
Herbie Hancock : Future 2 future is phat!

Great sound & superb display of quality musicians


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