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My ageing parents find it increasingly harder to hear dialogue in TV shows these days over the astonishingly loud background music and sound effects. Even I at 34 find some shows unwatchable without using headphones. I posted this here because I'm guessing the only solution is to for them to invest in a home cinema kit or some kind of surround sound system whereby the volumes of individual channels can be controlled.

I don't know much about home cinema kits, in fact I know nothing at all. I'm only guessing but is it at all possible to lower the volume of music and effects and/or increase the volume of just the dialogue? Is a home cinema kit the only option for this to be possible or is there a more affordable way?

I should point out my Dad has tried many different configurations of TV sound settings but nothing makes a difference to some of the worst offenders of loud background music television programs. His TV is a Sony Bravia, they watch TV from a HDMI connected Virgin+ box, this includes recorded programs at standard quality and DVD's from a Panasonic also HDMI. There are markedly different levels of sound when comparing sources. Live TV for example sounds clearer than a recorded program on the V+ as you'd expect considering the recorded program is compressed.

They've asked me to come up with a solution so they can enjoy shows like The Event on Channel 4 without upping and lowering the volume from the remote constantly and not begin unable to understand anything anybody is saying.

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