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Music copying problem


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I have a problem copying music from the D drive onto the hard drive. Normally the computer would prompt me with a few options among them "Import songs". Now the d drive makes a noise and nothing happens. Also my daughter was unable to watch a DVD on the computer. The same thing happening when she put the DVD in the d drive. Can anyone help? I have recently had a problem with other defaults being removed. Could the problems be connected?


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Some more details would be helpful. Sounds like you're running Windows, which version? XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10? Laptop or desktop pc? Make & model?

D is just a letter allocated by the operating system to a drive and often they are in alphabetical order. So sounds like you have a C drive - hard drive with Windows OS and your files on, D is than your optical DVD drive yes? Any other drives when you open Computer or My Computer?

What was this recent problem that knocked out defaults? Could well be connected if you are inserting music and video CD/DVD's and windows has no longer got a default player set for this action. Could also be the optical drive has died or has a physical hardware issue. The noise it made when you put a disc in, was it normal sort of noise or a bad some thing is wrong noise?


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Thanks for replying. I am running Windows 7 on an Acer laptop with an Intel Centrino processor.. Yes, D is the CD/DVD drive. I want to copy from the D drive to the hard drive (C drive?) where my music is stored.

The drive made the wrong noise - sort of a clicking sound. I tried to reset iTunes as the default player but it didn't work. I probably need help to do this properly.


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Yep try a couple of CD's and DVD's to see if you can access them at all. If the drive just makes strange noises it's likely faulty. In which case either take it out and get a suitable internal replacement or get an external USB CD/DVD drive or even a Blu Ray drive.

If you are worried about the default actions and file associations this should help:
Default Programs - Set a Program's Default Associations - Windows 7 Help Forums

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