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I'm sure this has been asked before but nothing found when using search:(
I'm looking for something along the lines of dvdprofiler but for my cd collection. Anyone know of any sotware available that's as easy to use and as flexible.
It'd be really interesting being able to look at other people musical tendencies too (Hide those cd's you closet Cliff Richard fans) and possibly find some gems you've missed that'd take pride of place in your collection.

If one doesn't exist shouldn't someone creat one as I'm sure there is a huge market for something like this:lease:


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I asked this not long ago. I'd be very interested to know! If there really isn't one, someone with better programming skills than me shold make one!


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Some clever person will make a wad off cash if they put something as good as dvdprofiler together. Maybe it's something the music industry could support to encourage you to purchase products rather than getting your average spotty oik downloading files:)
If you could get your cd drive to read the cd and provide all the data required to upload to you own personal database. No work involved (for the user) and if it were all standardised I'm sure it could work.
Shame I'm not clever enough to put something together lol.


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Seen Catraxx mentioned a few times on here. Supposed to be good but not as easy to use as DVD profiler.

Not free, but not too expensive either.


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Originally posted by alfablue
what about Music Collector from ? again, not free or as good as dvdprofiler

Looks quite promising that have you used it atall?
If you have what do you think. I've downloaded and will give it a go later:)


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well after DVD profiler I was underwhelmed. it is easy enough to use, I don't think it uses my bar code reader, so discs are slower to enter, and there is no online profile, as far as I can tell. The demo version allows 100 titles.

But it looks pretty good in other respects

If there was an online profile facility then i would probably use it

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