Mumbai Calling - ITV


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Saturday 30th May 10pm


New comedy series. When Kenny Gupta is sent from London to manage a call centre in Mumbai, he soon finds himself broken-hearted and miserable. But while he is nursing his unhappiness away from work, head office decides to send an assessor to investigate the centre. Kenny receives a pleasant surprise when assessor Terry turns out to be an attractive woman called Terri - and her arrival has some unexpected results for everyone.

YouTube - Mumbai Calling Preview

Kenny Gupta - Sanjeev Bhaskar
Terri Johnson - Daisy Beaumont
Dev Rajah - Nitin Ganatra
Amit - Naren Chandavarkar
Amar - Namit Das
Sarika - Ratnabali Bhattacharjee


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yeah i was feeling some deja vu, think i watched it, not sure.
I think the whole series has been "on the shelf" for almost all that time too (a bit of recasting with the lead actress from the pilot, and Daisy Beaumont has been working in N America for quite some time now ... had a recurring role in season 2 of Canadian series The Border)

ITV have a stockpile of unaired shows, they stopped or cancelled Heartbeat or its spinoff (or some other crap ;)) because they still have a zillion unaired eps in the can. The backlog is probably due to reality shows, daily soaps and chavmag award shows monopolising prime time.


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I managed about 10 minutes too (via the PVR). I then deleted it along with the series link. Another "comedy" that isn't.


Wasn't as good as the ad's made it look.

Also, it was broadcast at 10pm so why the :hiya:****:hiya: did they beep out the cursing?

brian s

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I missed the first episode entirely. I watched the second tonight and I've recorded the third. I thought Sanjeev just did his usual loser stuff but there maybe something in Nitin's character. I did laugh but not a lot.



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This has gotten better as it progresses, ep 1 was definatley not amusing, but we persisted and it has a certain charm to it and some solid LOL moments.

Plays on a lot of cliches and stereotypes but does it well, it's grown on us, perhaps worth a retry for those who kinda gave up on ep 1, it definately improves as it goes.

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