Mum friendly wireless media network?


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Our family home just sold and my mum and I have both had offers accepted on separate flats. Mine will consist of a full blown home theatre but that's for a different thread

However, for the last year or so since my mum got a new Samsung TV that has the ability to play mkv's via USB she has been in heaven her one complaint being if she goes to another room, has to take the USB stick, remember where she was (she is 60!) but otherwise menu navigation fine and has even got herself and ipad and discovered iPlayer, Youtube and made use of them so I have convinced her with her new flat to let me setup a simple network so any files would be stored on a server/HTPC and accessed by the lounge and bedroom TV's.

My 'simplest/easiest to use' way of doing this is as she is used to the explorer style menu I won't opt for XBMC etc but just get 2 new TV's both wireless/ethernet DLNA compatible with iplayer/youtube built in and have a basic box with a 2/3TB hdd and SSD letting her access just the 'Movies/TV' folder in an explorer way to select the films. Now I have a few questions:

Is there anyway she can control all this from her ipad?

I am assuming most modern TV's have a resume function and will this function as intended over DLNA between different TV's or is something like XBMC the only option?



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Why don't you setup XBMC on the ipad and see how she gets on with it. I've been using WMC for the last 8 years but now looking at other software and have only just started playing with XBMC and it seems the hardest part is getting all the media set up, once done it's very straightforward.


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I'm pretty sure (but not a 100%) that DLNA doesn't support auto resuming from a different device....

I'd just recommend you use XMBC and sync it up to a MySQL database. I'm sure you could use some form of macro/programmable remote to switch between folders and make it easier to use than an explorer type interface.....

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