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I have just taken ownership of a newbuild home which I have had cabled to hopefully suit my av needs.

I have 5 rooms, each with two coax cables running to the roofspace. I also have a living room with four cables running to the roofspace.

I will have sky plus in the living room and want to be able to watch the selected sky plus channel in all other 5 rooms along with freeview in all rooms (all tvs will have built in freeview box)

I am thinking that I need to do the following but NEED advice:

I run two cables from sky dish to sky box.
Run one cable from sky box to 5 way amplifier.
Run one cable from tv aerial (in roofspace) to 5 way amplifier.
Run 5 separate cables from 5 way amplifier to each of the 5 rooms.

Would doing this cabling with the 5 way amplifier have the desired effect?

Thanks to anyone that can help.


PS Sorry if this is in the wrong section on the forum.

Stevenage Neil

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Terrestrial aerial direct to Sky box RF In.

RF out, (1 or 2), direct to 5 way amp input.

5 way amp outputs to bedrooms.

Note that Sky outputs an analogue signal, so the bedroom TV's will have to switch between analogue and digital to receive both Sky and Freeview.


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I need advise about this topic too. Why does terestrial aerial have to go to sky box? If the above is done, from the rf out, does the cable carry a sky and a terestrial signal?


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the Sky box has a Modulator in it. Basically this means it can make whatever it looks at (even the menu's) be seen via UHF signal (not just Scart etc).

So you run the RF cable into the Sky box so that the other rooms connected to RF1/2 get BOTH the modulated sky picture and the normal aerial (analog and digital pics).


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Great advice - thank you.

What sort of amp should I now get in the roofspace to connect all this up?


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