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Hi there

I'm installing multiroom speakers through a lot of rooms in my house. All of my "equipment" such as amps will be located in a central room somewhere else in the house.

My issue is that I want the speakers in the kitchen ceiling to be able to output FM radio, which can be controlled from the kitchen by anybody, without having to access my amplifiers and multi room system. I seen this item on Keene's website:
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I think it is the perfect solution, because it can be operated by anybody. It is mounted in a double back box in the kitchen, and then wired into your speakers.

I was thinking of installing this, then running all the speaker wire from it back to my "comms room". In there I would connect the output from the radio into a splitter box which has 2inputs, one output to the ceiling speakers in the kitchen, and a selector switch. The other input can be multi room audio. That I think would mean I could leave the selector at radio and flick it over when I want the multi room audio.

Would that plan work, or is there something I'm missing? Would the 20w in wall amplifier be powerful enough to drive 4 speakers? Is there a simpler solution or product I'm not aware of?

Thanks in advance!


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I see no flaw in your plan with the wiring. How will you wire 4 speakers to the radio? in series or parallel? What impedance would this present to the unit and can it handle this?


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I think I will wire them in parallel as they will be 16ohm speakers. If i wire 2 in parallel, I'll get 8ohm and if I wire 4 in parallel I'll get 4 ohm. Is that right? Would 20watts be enough to power those?


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You are right with the impedance. Assuming a stereo output then 2 in parallel on each L and R would be ideal. 20W should be fine to run them too.


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Have you considered Sonos as a solution to multiple room audio - you can get the ZP120s as they have in-built amplifiers. Radio streaming works an absolute treat. Each zone can play independently or together in as many combinations as you wish - you can even stream the input from a source to other zones. Controlling all this is done with a free app for PC/Mac or a smart device (Iphone, iPad, Android).

What you could do if you really wanted a traditional radio is run a tuner as line input back to your Sonos device that handles audio in the kitchen... and then that could even be streamed to all the other zones if you want.

For multi room audio with lots of flexibilities, you really can't beat Sonos... the initial cost is quite high but I've found it worth every penny.


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I second the Sonos system, superb and can be controlled by anyone with an apple/android phone.

You can stream music from a NAS, play spotify or napster tracks and listen to pretty much any radio station in the world. All this can be done from a phone/ipad/laptop/pc!


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Personally I use squeezebox which I find pretty good and a fair bit cheaper than Sonos.

I have a squeezebox boom in the bedroom, and a squeezebox duet in the lounge and use the 2nd zone output on my Onkyo 1007 to feed audio to the kitchen.

I'don't use the squeezebox boom's speakers anymore even though they are perfectly adequate for what they are I just use the line out into my bedroom's Onkyo 708.

All of it can be controlled from anywhere in the house.



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