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We are now in the 21st Century and technology is progressing at a fast rate - the world is one market place where anyone can buy anything but when it comes to films, why oh why do companies insist on locking down.

When or will there be a facility to make the ps3 multiregion to play films. In rip off britain, blu ray flsm are between 18 and 24 pound s but in the us of a there are sbout 13 - doesn't that p**s you off

Can anyone shed any information

Cheers :lease:


I'm sure there'll be a multi region hack at some point. And yes, it does p me off that films are much cheaper in the US.

Tony Hoyle

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You can buy a lot for bluray films from the US and they'll work.. all Warner and Paramount titles for example - it's not the same as with DVD where everything was region locked.

Sony being in part a content provider have an interest in producing region locked hardware.. I'm sure when we can get chinese bluray players for £50 they'll be multiregion just like the DVD players are.


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I know about movietyme etc but it only seems to be the older films - all the good new ones are region locked

Do you think there would be a rgion x

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