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Hi forumites

I have a desire to connect one PC and two games consoles to a single TFT monitor. I have two issues with this, namely:
  1. While the PC and one of the games consoles both have HDMI outputs, the other games console does not - the best I could come up with was a SCART-RCA converter;
  2. The TFT doesn't have an audio output;
So, I need to find out if there's a single switch box available (ideally auto-switching if possible) that would enable me to plug in HDMI from my PC, HDMI from my XBox-360 and RCA from my PlayStation 2 and then have the video signal sent to the TFT via HDMI and the audio signal sent to my speakers via standard audio output jack (NOT USB).

I'm quite keen to avoid a horrible Frankenstein setup that would involve having multiple switches on my desktop. Also, because it's my desk there wouldn't be a requirement for a remote- (or app-) control.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I'm at a loss for exactly what I need to search for on Google :).



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What you are describing is an AV Receiver or AVR.


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RCA is the name of the connector, also called a phono connector, and it's used for different video protocols - mainly composite and YPbPr component.

So make sure whichever one your SCART adaptor is outputting is supported by the device. If it's just a cheap adapter it's probably talking the composite signal from the SCART output as SCART's component-like pins channels are RGB.

The alternative to an AV Receiver is to buy an HDMI output converter for the PS2 and use an HDMI switch with an audio output, which is cheaper than an AV receiver.

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PS2 to HDMi adapter is a good idea and then either a HDMI switch with Audio out (as above) or maybe look at a new monitor (TFT) with speakers and 3 HDMI inputs and the PS2 to HDMI adapter


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What are the speakers, are they active ones ? (Built in amplifier)
Yes. To be honest, the speakers are were pretty cheap and cheerful when I bought them more than 10 years ago. They were always going to be connected to the computer so didn't need to be anything overly fancy or expensive. They have a standard audio jack as opposed to a USB which seems to be the preferred norm these days.


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PS2 to HDMi adapter is a good idea and then either a HDMI switch with Audio out (as above) or maybe look at a new monitor (TFT) with speakers and 3 HDMI inputs and the PS2 to HDMI adapter
Being honest, I'm trying to avoid buying a new monitor. To explain, what I currently have is a matching pair of Acer 22" TFTs on a single dual-monitor stand. For purely aesthetic reasons I'd want both monitors to look the same, which would mean double the expense. My PC has a single HDMI output and a single VGA output, so one monitor is on VGA, the other is on HDMI.

My plan is to keep the VGA out connected to the VGA in on one of the monitors, and then have the HDMI out on the PC connected to the same destination as the XBox and the Playstation, with that destination then using the HDMI in on the other monitor and ideally delivering the audio to the speakers via the standard audio jack. If I can get the PS2 to HDMI adaptor then that certainly negates the need to have the RCA-SCART and SCART-HDMI converters in the mix, which is definitely a bonus.

I currently have a very simple switch on my desk which handles only the HDMI outputs from the PC and XBox and feeds to the HDMI input on the second monitor but it's as clunky as hell and doesn't seem to appreciate the presence of the SCART-HDMI converter. It's almost as if when the SCART-HDMI converter is plugged in, the HDMI video switch always seems to give preference to that device, even when the PS2 isn't switched on. I'm not sure if that's because the SCART-HDMI is powered and is therefore delivering a signal even when the PS2 isn't actively switched on.


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I'd suggest an older AVR could be a good solution, it's just a case of finding one old enough to have the desired legacy inputs but new enough to have HDMI and the ability to upconvert.

Just as an example I own an old Denon 2808 which has composite, component and 2 HDMI inputs, the composite and component can both be upconverted to HDMI.

The trick is finding a suitable model. Maybe a wanted ad in the classifieds on here might get you something suitable.
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