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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Tesla, Jul 19, 2004.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm working full-time at the moment (over the summer hols) to earn a bit of money to go towards some more AV gear i guess. lol. (might save some for uni when I go after my A-Levels)

    Anyway, I work in Comet and over the next few weeks will be managing the TV section. I want to obviously make it better than it is at the moment. Plus, I want to do a management course at Uni and this is something to put on my statement. :)

    We are a relatively small store but have 3 x 42" plama displays and loads of LCD ranging from big to small.

    One of the plasmas is a crappy £1800 Hyundai which is directly connected to Sky+ box via monster 3 scart but the picture is still ultra-crap. lol. So forget that one.

    That leaves the two other 42" plasmas (LG and panasonic), a 37" Philips, 32" sony and 32" Hitachi.

    Currently, there is one DVD player. Some philips that also plays DivX. The LG is connected to this via scart, the panasonic via SVideo. The philips is chained to the Panasonic (philips displays composite signal!) and sony is currently not connected at all.

    What would be the best method for running the 4 displays off of the one DVD player. Don't think the manager would be too keen on me getting a few DVD players and component cables so given a dvd player, a few scarts and svideo leads. How would you do it?

    Any people work in TV retail and got any tips for connecting up etc...

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