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    I am working on putting together a plan for my church to route video from ProPresenter and cameras. Here is what I am trying to do and what I am planning so far:

    3 projectors and 2 TV monitors in the Sanctuary and 3 TV monitors in other parts of the church.

    I was looking at this splitter to use our iMac to go through the input, and then output to the 8 different displays:

    This, along with extenders with CAT6/7 cables:

    I also have a camera that I am running to a Blackmagic Intensity Shuffle, which then goes to a different computer, a MacBook, and then runs Wirecast for livestreaming.

    We have an old camera that goes to the 3 TVs that are in different parts of the church. These are the 3 TVs I want to replace with our current main camera, but I would also like to run a second camera.

    What I want to do is the following:
    1) Control all 8 output displays with one computer, and not all the displays will always show the same things (mostly, 5 will show ProPresenter and 3 will show video; but I want the flexibility)
    2) Connect the camera into this system, so that it can 1) go to the streaming MacBook and 2) go into the iMac to run to the output displays.

    It would also be great, but not crucial, to have another area have a similar set up, we have 3 TVs in another room with another computer for special services. It would be great to connect this to the sanctuary as well.

    I have attached a diagram of what I am planning. Boxes with red outlines are what I am uncertain about. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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