Multiple Sky boxes to multiple TV's and some streaming advice required


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Jun 8, 2009
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Hi, my first post here despite being a long time lurker :)

My current situation is

SD Skybox 1 in main room
SD Skybox 2 in utility room next to coax feeds from all rooms in house
1 dish with quad LNB
Multiroom viewing (2 cards)
XBOX1 running XBMC in Main room
SD DVD in main room
50” Plasma – Main room viewing sat, dvd and XBMC
42” Plasma Master bedroom
36” LCD kitchen
32” LCD Playroom
22” CRT spare bedroom
No decent cabling but coax to every room.
Single runs of Cat5 to everyroom

Currently the 50” is running from Sky on RGB Scart, XBMC using composite and DVD using component.

The remainder of TV's are using RF with only the bedroom able to use the TVLink magic eye – note no amps anywhere.

I'm not a fan of RF for the remainder of the TVs.

What I'm thinking of are the following scenarios and I'm looking for suggestions or alternatives or “That's stupid, do this instead” comments
Financially money is an objection but I'd rather see all the options then make a decision rather than rule stuff out just based on price.

Leave the 50” alone with Sky, XBMX and DVD

Use an AV sender to feed decent RGB or composite from second Sky box to the other TVs

Scrap XBMC and use something like mediaportal (alternative suggestions welcome) with a SAT card to grab and decode Sky. This would also allow me to retire a SKY box and a DVD player (neater install) and HD DVD now usable

Still use AV sender to feed RGB to remainder of TVs

As option 2 but use a second card in mediaportal to grab grab second feed from dish and stream the output to other TVs (not sure if you can do this) Retire both sky boxes, dvd and xbmc (may require purchasing multiple netgear type receivers for stream)

Open to suggestions

EDIT forgot to add I'm looking too at something like
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