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    I have Dish Satellite tv. Currently, the receiver is on the 2nd floor. The system can control 2 tvs. I have one remote control on the 2nd floor for that receiver, where the tv is right next to the receiver. I have the 2nd tv down on the first floor. And then a 3rd tv, split off the same cable so someone can watch the program of the 2nd tv on the 3rd tv. I have two remote controls - 21.1 UHF/WIreless programmed so far - one for the upstairs tv, and one for the downstairs. Since I have an extra 21.1 remote, I would like to simply add that, but only for the 2nd receiver's tv, the one on the ground floor. I know about the pushing satellite, then the id, then record, etc.. But what I wonder, is, isn't this better done by being able to view both ids - remote 1 and remote 2 at the same time, or can I see the 3rd at the same time. The problem I have is that every time I try to program the 3rd remote, the 3rd remote takes the place of the 1st remote, and the 1st remote no longer works. I just keep getting only 2 remotes to work. I want 3 remotes in all. I hope I made my goal clear. I have not yet opened the Dish screen that shows both ids at once. I HAVE looked at the screen that comes from pushing system info on the receiver. That's the one that I get the constant flip flop back and forth. I keep trying to enter an id I don't see but it just won't give me a 3rd remote. Am I doing something wrong. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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