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I am looking at the purchase of an LCD but need some clarification on inputs.
I will be looking to connect my Xbox 360 and Sky+ through HD and potentially further HD components in the future.

Are there any screens supporting multiple HD inputs as the ones I have looked at only have one. Or am I going to need a Switch box. I assume being digital there will be no degradation using a switch box.

Any advice on this much apppreciated:)
Just about all TVs have 1 HDMI input and 1 Component input. That's already 2 HD inputs, but you'll need to use HDMI for most stuff. Xbox 360 will go into Component.

The new Sony LCDs have 2x Component and 1x HDMI in. And the new JVC ones have 2x HDMI and 1x Component.


Yep, I'll 2nd the 32WLT58, 2 HDMI sockets which will accomodate both your Xbox 360 and Sky HD

Job done....
Actually the Xbox 360 doesn't have digital video output, so Component or VGA is the ideal choice...


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Great - thanks fot that. Is Component out of the Xbox going to provide the same quality as HDMI? Or is that stupid questione?!?
Very nearly, yeah. HDMI is more a copy protection enabler than anything else.


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Although there is the possibility of doing what I am going to do -

Sony are releasing a AV reciever later in the year and this has 2 hmdi ins on it - thus sorting out most problems! And the beauty is, it is going to cost around £400 which is close to the price of some switches never mind your 6.1 inpuuts too! (Release around June)


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Philips 32pf9830 has a DVI and HDMI, so thats my PS3(blue-ray DVD player) and SKYHD all sorted also the 360 goes by component it's all good. :thumbsup:


Active Member does the LG 32LX2R at less than half the price!


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What about getting one of these:



Less than £20 on Ebay brand new.

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