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Am looking for advice. I have a 6tb WD MyCloud to which I am steadily transferring my CD collection as FLAC files. My problem is that when I try to stream these files either with Foobar2000 on my iPhone, or using a QED UPlay streamer, or even through my Pioneer Blu-ray player, the respective apps show anything up to 7 duplicates of each track meaning having to skip through the duplicates or set up a playlist every time I want to listen to an album.

Looking at the folders as files there is only one of each file so I am stumped as to why the repetition.

Can anyone shed any light?


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I've had something similar when the file location specified in a playlist differs from that in the main server software. Specifically one was pointing to the file using it's drive letter & the other by UNC (\\servername\sharename\path\filename). So the scanner deemed them separate files.

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