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    I'm looking for some advice to help me choose what TV im going to get, the deciding factor is connectivity to my pc. Currently my pc has 2 monitors attached from my graphics card (8800 gtx) and my current tv via s-video. My problem is that my card will only run 2 displays simultaneously so when I want to use my tv, i go into the nvidia control panel and change the displays to one of my monitors and the tv which is a bit of a hastle and one I would like to eliminate when getting my new tv.
    The new tv is going to be high def so will make use of either the component output from my graphics card or a dvi port with a hdmi adapter or from a 2nd graphics card with native hdmi out, I currently can see the following options but would like to know whats the "best" route.
    - Add a 2nd graphics card with hdmi out (expensive)
    - Split one of my dvi ports and then convert one of these to hdmi are there any restrictions in terms of video resolution / HDCP when going through a dvi splitter and a dvi > hdmi adapter?
    - Loose one of my monitors and just run 1 monitor and the telly using the component out from my graphics card for the tv.
    Cheers all \o/

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