Multiple connections, amp/projector - advice needed.


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Hello, I'm pretty new to the world of home theatre, I'm just building my first setup! :clap:

Amp: denon 3803, dvd: denon 1910, freeview: sony vtx-800, pj: unknown, tv:standard crt with scart input

Just wanted to post what I'm planning on doing, and if it's the best way to go about it:

DVD -> AMP - component & digital coax
FreeView -> AMP - scart to s-video & optical
AMP -> PJ - component
AMP -> TV - s-video to Scart

I'm hoping this setup will allow me to switch from the projector to the crt and allow both dvd and freeview to be played on both, whilst allowing sound to be output via the amp at all times. Is this the best way to set this lot up, any major flaws in what I am going to try to do?

Any advice is appriciated,

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