Multiple AirPort Extremes to extend network

Discussion in 'Apple Forum' started by amardilo, Sep 18, 2007.

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    Hi there

    I have 1 AirPort Extreme that distributes the Internet around my home. I have tonnes of PC's, Mac, games consoles and other devices that are all around my house. The problem is the only fixed phone socket (where our net modem is plugged into) is on the ground floor and all devices that need to use the net and internet are on the floors above.

    I have a slight problem with picking up a connection in the top floors of my house (it's really a small old flat that for some reason has like 1 room on a floor). Would buying a 2nd AirPort Extreme and sticking it in the middle floor of my house/flat help extend the reach of my wireless network?

    I was also thinking of buying a third AirPort Extreme and wiring all the devices on the top floor (there are 3 devices and the 3 I use :D) together and using that to wirelessly connect to the other AirPorts (so to get internet connections). Would that work?

    If I had my way I would get the phone socket moved or run a lot of Ethernet cable around the place but I am not allowed to that (living agreement won't allow me to drill holes or pull up carpet and everyone else does not want to see cables running up flights of stairs).

    Does anyone know if this plan would work and how I would go about doing it?

    EDIT: Forget this thread I found a solution. I bought an AirPort Express set it up to extend the wireless network.

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