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Multichannel input problem with Yamaha


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I'm having trouble calibrating the multichannel input on my Yamaha RX-V2500, connected to a Pioneer 868AVi.

When I use the player's test tones, the one for the LFE is unusually low. To make sure it wasn't a player problem, I switched the center and subwoofer connections, so that the center test tone went out the sub and vice versa.

I noticed this when I played the fishtank-tapping scene on Finding Nemo. Using the player's digital out, the bass shook everything. Using the multichannel outs, it was merely a purr.

I looked at all the menus and I don't think I'm missing anything. :confused:


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It might be caused by the lack of full bass management in the RX-V2500 when using the multichannel inputs. If you've set the front speakers to small and the bass out to subwoofer only, the bass below the selected crossover frequency from all channels gets sent to the subwoofer when using the digital inputs.

Since the multichannel input bypasses the DSP and therefore the receiver's crossover filtering, only the LFE input is sent to the subwoofer, and the other channels are sent in full to the respective outputs. So when using the multi channel input, re-routing of bass from the full channels to the LFE channel must be performed by the player.

If the player can't do this, try setting the Bass Out option on the receiver to "Both" on the receiver and see if it improves things a little. This may cause excessive bass when using the digital inputs however, but that can be overcome by saving separate profiles for digital and multi channel use in memory and switching between them.

Rickyj at Kalibrate

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On my RX-V1400 you change the levels for each of the 6 multichannel inputs individually. Check the subwoofer input has not been turned down. I have had to turn the sub levels up for the input of DVD-A, but this is always recognised as having a low bass output (I think).


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