Question Multi-zones on Denon AVR-X3600H


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Hi all

Hoping someone can help with my sanity and confusion over multi-zone capability. I had a Denon AVR-3310 which has crapped itself so was looking to replace with the new AVR-X3600H. My current setup is as follows:

Front Left
Front Right
Front Centre
Rear/Surround Left
Rear/Surround Right



Inputs to current Receiver:
Foxtel (Cable TV)

HDMI Out to TV in Lounge
I also have a TV in the kitchen where I duplicated the signal with an HDMI splitter but am hoping I can use the second HDMI out on the AVR-X3600H instead of needing the splitter.

- Most of the time I will just play TV/Video from Foxtel or AppleTV in the Lounge.
- When entertaining, I want to play something on the TV in the Lounge but extend the audio out to the kitchen and/or the deck (for clarity, sometimes I may be just inside so just want audio to be extended to kitchen and not to deck as well).
- When entertaining I also want to play Spotify music to either all 3 areas together or just to the deck. I may sometimes have the kids watching a movie in the lounge but I want to stream Spotify out to the deck at the same time.

With the AVR-3310, I could only get the Foxtel audio on the deck and kitchen by using the Sonos as the amp. I was hoping with the AVR-X3600H I can do away with the requirement for my old Sonos boxes as I only ever stream Spotify on Sonos (and this is now a feature of the X3600H), and amp everything via the one Denon unit and still get the functionality as outlined above.

Hoping someone can help clarify this for me as I keep doubting my understanding of the Zones/Channels on the Denon and don't want to purchase the wrong unit.

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