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Hi all,
Full refurb of my ground floor so iv got the opportunity to install fresh cabling, see image below.

I would like:
1. Zone 1 - Ceiling speaker (Red dot)
2. Zone 2 - Ceiling speaker (Red dot)
3. Zones 3 - Ceiling speaker (Red dot)
4. Zone 3 - 2 wall mounted speakers (Green)

Functionality I would like :
1. All the ceiling speakers (red dots) connected to Alexa
2. TV connected to wall speakers (green)
3. TV also have the ability to play through ALL ceiling and wall speakers
4. (Not sure if this is possible) but connected have all wall and ceiling speakers connected to Alexa

I know I can use the Alexa app to create zones, but is there another way considering the above that I might need an AMP




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You'll definitely need an amp or amps depending on what you flexibility you want and that is when it starts to go up in price.

If you want the same thing playing throughout the space then a single alexa linked by BlueTooth to a streamer and amp would work. But you start getting into switching inputs or speaker lines if you want to add it the TV or wall speakers. So again more cost.

Finally for 3 speaker positions ideal if they are the only 3 then you'll need Dual Stereo or Dual Voice Coil speakers (the same thing just different names) that will play both left and right channels from the same housing.

That in turn causes a problem in that 3 would usually push you over (or under depending on how they are wired) the max/min impedance loading of an amp. So you either need an impedance matching speaker selector or a second amp.

Oh, and finally (and i mean it this time) fire and acoustic hood to maintain you fire barrier to the rooms above. Its a building regulation/requirement here in the UK.

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As above you can't create 'zones' using a single amp - each Zone would require its own amp (at a minimum) and something more sophisticated if you want to listen to different sources simultaneously.

As @AmericanAudio says you can run a single chassis Stereo speaker in each Zone but you must wire both L and R speaker cables back to the Amp from each Stereo loudspeaker.

Have you tried using Alexa to control a system?


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Perhaps you could consider an installation amplifier with a streamer built in?

e.g. Yamaha MusicCast amplifier : 4 Zone DALI In-Ceiling speaker package Yamaha XDA-QS5400RK Streaming Amplifier (4 Zone, 8 Channel)

e.g. Monitor Audio BluOS enabled streamer + 4 zone amp: Monitor Audio 4 zone streamer, amplifier and speaker package

Both of these permit you to run your own source to each zone too (i.e. a TV). I would treat your TV system separately if you want multi-channel audio, if not you could use it as Zone 4.

Speakers can be either a single stereo (i.e. 2 tweeters) or can be a pair of ceiling/wall based speakers.

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