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So I'm looking for basically a sound system for my living room.

In the living room I have my record player currently hooked up to an amp. I'd like the speakers to connect to this, as well as the TV and an option to use bluetooth to play through the speakers too.

Is there a way to get a kind of surround sound speaker system in my living room to do all this? Happy for a soundbar too to be the centre as I don't have one for the tv.

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Yamaha are the brand that offer/ed this type of technology, but I wouldn't say it was any good for musical playback.

If you are hoping to create a surround sound from a stereo output, I feel you will get bored of this over time and revert back to stereo as almost all of have done over the years. The energy spent in trying to achieve it will never bring the level of dynamic you get from traditional stereo reproductions unless you are listening to something which has been mastered that way

However if you are trying to experience surround sound from a TV digital broadcast via the optical connection, then look for something from Yamaha's YSP range as this should fit your bill, but again, don't expect the stereo to be anywhere near as good as a traditional stereo setup

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