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Hi folks

Shortly to move to a new place and could really do with some advice as to how best I could achieve what I'm looking for, if you would be so kind. Do point me towards a relevant thread if this exact question has been asked before.

I'd like a Hi-Fi solution that will enable me to enjoy sounds a.) wirelessly from my Macbook pro, where much of my music resides b.) from the TV which will reside in the same part of the living room and c.) from my DJ booth (where I use turntables and a CD Player too). I already have some KRK Rokit 5 monitors which I use as part of my DJ setup, but figured I could use a separate set of outputs on my Allen & Heath 62 and wire this into a line input on the Hi-Fi for some extra boost, especially because the monitors are pointed straight at me and are no use for others in the room who are listening.

Sonos looked like an attractive option for both streaming and everything else but the 70ms latency issue put paid to that when using it was extra speakers for the DJ setup. It therefore dawned on me that I probably just need a more conventional wired Hi-Fi solution and that I should probably just buy a Hi-Fi amp/speakers combo and plug my DJ setup and TV into it accordingly, then buy a Bluetooth link like the QED uPlay device or an Apple Airport Express to broadcast from my Macbook into that. So this is what I think I shall do.

Could some educated users therefore please recommend an amp and speaker combination for up to £800-900 max that would serve these purposes well? I understand that home cinema sound and hi-fi sound are different things and that something that suits my listening purposes probably won't be ideal for the TV and vice versa, but tbh I am not too fussed about the TV side of things. I just figured it would be nice to have some supplementary sound to what's coming out of the TV's fairly meagre speakers. I will be using the setup primarily to a.) supplement the sound coming from my DJ setup when I'm mixing or listening to a CD and b.) do a good job of the sound coming out of my Macbook wirelessly. I've been recommended a Yamaha AS500 and a pair of Monitor BX2's but I don't know if these two are a good match... I'm a real newbie with Hi-Fi and would love some advice.

Thank you! :smashin:

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