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I am about to buy my home cinema equipment but need some advice about up-scaling.

My equipment will consist of a 40 inch Sony KDL-V2000 which up-scales. This will be fed by a Yamaha RX-V2600 receiver that can up-scale. A Panasonic DMR-EX75 HDD/DVD recorder that can also up-scale will connect to the Yamaha.

Now the question, do I have to pick which product up-scales or do I leave all three up scaling say at 720p?


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At the end of the say, one of your scaler/deinterlacers is likely to be better than any of the others. So I would suggest using that. If it is not the one in the display, and you want full screen, consider double upscaling - ie in the Yamaha to say 720p then the display from 720p to 768p - don't know if the Sony provides a choice over bordered 1:1 or full screen. Otherwise, if possible just output 576p and let the display do the scaling.

With my kit, 1366x768 LCD, I personally use for SD material 720p output from DVD player/scaler then let the display do the final scale to get rid of the border. I have the option of having 1:1 but prefer full screen over the ever so slightly reduced quality of full screen. I do have the ability to display 1080p and this is on a par with 720p PQ wise, but motion is not as fluid as with 720p. For HD material that is currently all at 1080i source, I output 1080i and let the display deinterlace and down scale. Even though my display handles 720p/1080p better than 1080i, I get a better picture by outputting at 1080i rather than the STB internally converting to 720p then the display upscaling to 1366x768.

But every display/source combination is different.

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