Multi touch and video editing


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Hi all, Ive just bought a new laptop for editing to replace my ageing tower with the plan to have my desk set up to edit on and also have the portability of just unpluging the extra monitor keyboard and mouse.

I was looking at a new monitor as my 24" LG is showing its age and saw a very nice Iyyama 27". Then while loking on the Dell website I spotted their new multitouch screens.

DELL Dell ST2220T 21.5" (55cm) Multi-Touch Full HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor with IPS : Dell Monitors | Dell UK

Has anyone tried or witnessed editing with a system like this? Im thinking it may be quite good for physically dragging and dropping etc... but Im wondering if the novelty may wear off and it would become a pain to use. Plus its only 21.5" so it would mean downsizing from what Im used to.

Any opinions would be appreciated :)


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Make sure whatever you buy is "sharp" since HD editors tend to be somewhat cluttered with fine detail, IMHO.

I'm sure a novelty display(my words) may not concentrate "value" in sharpness, bearing in mind it is quite a bit smaller than 27" - but Iyyama may come in different qualities - ONLY seeing it will do.
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