Multi screen signal loss at projectors

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    Loss signal issue
    Thank you for the add, I am new to this site and projectors, splitters,transmitters. I have a mac sending a signal out using propresenter to a matrox tripleheadtogo. That signal is sent to 3 projectors for environmental projection. The 2 side projectors are sent to a hdmi over cat5 extender. No issues with those projectors. Center projector signal is sent to a splitter for a monitor for media tech, monitor for worship band, and then to the hdmi over cat5 transmitter for center projector. We had no issues with the setup. This has all been created and ran for about 2 weeks with no problems. This week we added 2 more projectors total of 5 with only 3 using the same signal running off the center reciever for the center projector. We added another splitter at the center projector and ran it to the 2 new projectors. It worked fine the first day no issues, second day all through practice worked fine, as soon as service started(of course right when we need it) the 2 new side projectors would shut off for a second, saying signal loss and come back on, did it repeatedly through worship set, sometimes only losing side projectors other times losing all three that are running through splitter. Didnt know if using an Edid emulator would work or better quality splitter. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks again for your time.

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