Multi-Satellite System?


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I am looking to get started into the world of multi satellite systems
So I suppose the logical approach to the go for a motorised system

Now this is where I fall flat on my face - In the past I went for Sky Digital so the choice was rather limited – Which made my life simpler

But now if I want to go the motorised route my options seems limitless

Can somebody advise me of a simple (cheap) route to take the plunge maybe recommend some companies that can provide and install such a system?

I’ll be looking to retain Sky Digital as well and hopefully run it from the same motorised dish (if it can be done)

I don’t want to go crazy at this point I’ve just bought a new house – So frugal (but a decent system) is the operative word

Many thanks



Hmm, with the emphasis on "cheap" it has to be D.I.Y.
No point in directing you to a site that sells DisEqC receivers and motors.

So, get a decent dish at least 80cm. Make a proper swivel mount that will track the arc. this will require a bit of mathematics but, if you make it yourself, it will be cheap.

Use a car windscreen motor and an old car battery to move the dish. It will be a bit hit and miss but practice will make you proficient at guessing when to stop the dish.

Find the cheapest FTA receiver and connect it up with decent cable. I recommend you don't skimp on the cable!

Later: just noticed you want to keep Sky Digital. My advice is to leave it as it is with its own dish. You could fit a twin-output LNB to the larger dish but this will cost more and the Sky box tends to lock-up if it "sees" the wrong signal.


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Hi Thanks for that

The trouble is that I'm not exactly a DIY expert
I suppose I should have not placed so much emphasis on the word "cheap"
What I meant was that a don't need the best out there just a reasonable system that will provide good performance
I went to a supplier yesterday and was quoted £1400 which is way too much just now

I'd be looking to start of with a basic system and upgrade later - So maybe I should get a good quality dish motor etc and upgrade to a top quality receiver later

What do you think?

Many thanks



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buy the equipment from what satellite and get a C.A.I aerial rigger to install it

i am a member of the C.A.I and i can't match prices for supplying motorised dishes and receivers but i dont mind my customers buying from elseware and fitting it for them as long as they understand that if the equipment goes faulty i will have to charge them labour to put right



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I have been using an echostar AD300IP Viaccess box with a 1.2 metre dish and 0.6LNB for nearly 4 years now but since prices have come down alot over the years then I would recommend a Technomate receiver as they are really reasonable priced for what you get.

I will be getting someone to install me a Technomate 5500D box with a 1.1mtr stationary dish and a 0.5LNB in my new home for £199 inc. installation. My parents will keep the motorised dish.

I think having a motorised version of above will be around £350ish.
Take a look at the receivers here:


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Thanks guy's

Thats exactly the sort of info that I'm after

Do you know if I can use a Sky Digital of the same motorised dish?
One dish is bad enough but I'm sure the missus will kill me if I have two

Many thanks



why does every man have to answer to the wife/girlfriend?, just do it...

why do women need different earings/rings/face gunge, now thats wasting money, and yes i do live with a woman!

you could go for the larger sky dish and use that as a motorised as well as keeping your sky dish, ok you will only get astra 2, astra1,2 etc and hotbird, but there is nothing much outside those sats that are good fta channels, and the cams/cards cost loads for 1 west etc.. believe me, once you have got a system, you tend to stick with a few sats that have the best channels.


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Hi yep

I know what you mean
But you know that at some point she will have her revenge

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