Multi-Room Sound / Denon HEOS Issues ....


Hello All:

I'm new here and pulling out what little hair I have. I would appreciate any advice / direction you could lend. I wish to have a speaker in my kitchen that offers CONCURRENT sound from my living room whatever is on (music via Denon, TV via FireBox, etc). There is

My Receiver is: Denon AVR-X1400H (has HEOS)

Sound / Source: Amazon FireBox (latest)

TV / Music: You Tube TV or Pandora

Bluetooth Spk: Open to suggestions (for 1 day, I had a Bose SoundLink II)

* The receiver does not offer the ability to play, concurrently, wired speakers & bluetooth at the same time.

* My preference is to have a speaker unit - like a Sonos or Denon 150. Prefer, not mandatory.

* I had some momentary success running a DAC box from the FireBox to a bluetooth transmitter for about 30 minutes. Something re-set (???) and I was never able to get working. I returned all (open to buying better quality).

* Denon offers a HEOS speaker which is suppose to do what I want (play sound in multi-speakers & rooms) but it only works with their receivers of ~ $1,500 & up. I tried and returned the Denon HEOS Home 150 & also confirmed with both Crutchfield & Denon about it not able to work.

It's a run of about 50 - 55 ft. from the stereo to where I'd ideally like it. Not much shorter for close to ideal. Too long for TOSLINK and doubt I'd be happy with a headphone cable that long. I don't trust the quality of the TOSLINK's offered on Amazon either. I do have (for about 90% of the run), drop ceilings underneath to be able to run such.

I know I can have speakers added to the ceiling (& I might settle for that) - I have concerns about symmetry as there are 6 other 'can lights' and it'd likely involve some holes and I don't feel like spot / whole painting. I'm quite handy - I do not excel at painting.

Question: Is there a way to send the signal from a DAC (again, splitting a HDMI & _____) the longer distance and a few feet away from the speaker - change to TOSLINK and use a 'reasonable' sized cable? Think CAT5? Other?

I'm now thinking of a wired Denon or Amazon Echo Studio - they both offer TOSLINK. I have an issue with the distance.

I am very open to any solution. Any other thoughts are very welcome (including getting over my fear of ceiling speakers)

Thanks for your time. Please ask any questions I am not clear on.



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Sell your 1400 buy a 2x00 series avr and run some cables onto Zone 2 outputs from the AVR to a second set of speakers. I have a 2400 in my kitchen that runs my kitchen speakers on zone1 and my patio speakers on zone 2. I can play the same source on both sets of speakers at the same time.


Sorry - forgot to mention. I have that capability (Zone 2). I'm also using it for outside.

Hoping to run a solo 'mini-speaker' and nor wired. Any suggestions on extending the signal of TOSLINK or similar?

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